Growing Doomsday Arugula Seeds

Growing doomsday arugula seeds will add some flavor to what might be a bland salad or dish. You should have access to some salt and some pepper to give your end times foods some flavor. Don't you just love spicy arugula? It adds a bit of zing to a salad so it is good to grow.

Here we tell you just how many arugula plants are needed to feed one person for a year, provided this is all you have to eat. Of course, chances are you will have other foods to consume and enjoy so you are staying healthy. Hopefully, you will have fruit and nut trees and some game for meat, chickens for eggs, and plenty of other good tasting vegetables.

Spicy arugula is a healthy green that can add a little zest to your salad. Include arugula seeds in your doomsday planning.Spicy arugula is a healthy green that can add a little zest to your salad. Include arugula seeds in your doomsday planning.

Arugula is a member of the Brassica family. For more information on all things brassica, here is an article Juanita wrote.

One cup of spicy arugula has just 5 calories in it so feel free to eat all you want. If you've got plenty, enjoy. However, because of the tiny amount of calories, it is definitely not a good vegetable to grow to try to get 1200 calories out of which is our doomsday goal.

Arugula is a good ingredient to add to a salad or greens. Who doesn't like the spicy flavor of arugula with their bowl of salad?

Arugula is easy to grow and here in the San Antonio/Poteet, Texas area, we can grow it year round. As long as the ground does not freeze, arugula will grow.

Growing Doomsday Arugula Seeds

It can be dried into chips which we have bought and tried. I did not care for arugula chips. But we are not talking personal preference. We are talking survival. Whether we like the taste or not of any of the foods we are growing at this point, we are eating to stay alive, not to enjoy. If not drying it, eat arugula within hours of picking it. It will not last long without refrigeration. Of course, if you have a freeze dryer, you can freeze dry it and put it away to enjoy later.

The leaves, flowers, and even the seeds of the arugula plant are edible.

Arugula is a pretty healthy food. It provides Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, folate which is one of the B vitamins, potassium, and calcium. Who knew there was that much in some little green leaves?

Did you know that you can make pesto with arugula if you don't have basil? Yes, it makes a good substitute for basil to make a delicious pesto to compliment the other foods you have available.

Arugula is a good green to use in your compost pile or to till under in the garden to add nutrients to the soil.

You can also feed zesty arugula to the chickens, rabbits and whatever other farm animals you may have. Most love it and, let's face it. If you keep your animals for food during the doomsday times, you will need to feed them. Hopefully, it will be a mixture of greens and grains but arugula leaves will help them to stay healthy.

I would grow about 20 plants just to have some arugula growing. You grow these in a four foot by eight foot raised bed. One plant can produce thousands of seeds. Just let at least one of your arugula plants keep growing and when it matures, stalks will grow out of the middle of it, producing flowers, pods and then seeds.

Make sure you harvest these as soon as the seeds mature or the birds will get the seeds.

Let some of the plants go to seed so you can have seeds for the next year. Split your seeds into three lots. Hide some where they will be easy to find and others hard to find. You can use these to barter as well. By making them easy to find, scavengers will find the easy ones and leave, or at least that is the plan.

Try planting some today. Don't wait until an emergency happens to start growing. Always be growing something. Learning. Get some books on solar power and what herbs to grow for taste and medicinal purposes.

As time goes b and the longer you survive, the easier it will get to survive. The scavengers will start to die off since they will not have the skills you have.

Growing Doomsday Arugula Seeds - Purchase

We sell the standard arugula variety. Long, dark, lobed leaves are suitable for salad mix or bunching. At maturity, the long, dark green, lobed leaves form a loose, open bunch. Easy to grow, baby or full size. Sprinkle flowers over salads or add to vegetable stir fries. Harvest the edible flowers as they appear. Arugula will reseed vigorously. Harvest in about 40 days. Germination rate 80% or better. 

Don't miss out on having this wonderful vegetable in your stockpile. You can purchase Arugula Seeds from David's Garden Seeds® here.

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