Hiding a Doomsday Garden

Hiding a Doomsday Garden gives some suggestions on what to have in the event that the poop hits the fan. Right now, we are living in a world where that is a distinct possibility every month according to the news media.

Before it hits the fan, make sure you plan and prepare for emergencies.Before it hits the fan, make sure you plan and prepare for emergencies.

As I write this, Israel is at war with Hamas and it does not seem to be one of those quick wars. Russia is at war with Ukraine and that has been going on for quite a while. The world is not at peace and disaster and doomsday seem like real possibilities.

In the event of doomsday, it is not enough for you to have a garden but you need to be able to hide it from people who will be out looking for food. They will come by the dozens (just like on the television zombie shows) in the beginning, then fewer and fewer as they succumb to the elements, food shortages, non-existent medical attention, no water, and each other.

Remember that when people get desperate, they will do anything to survive. Just look at all of the rioting and looting that goes on in cities every time there is a power failure, a bad storm, or a police mishap. And what about when many professional sports teams win a championship? I have never understood that. Yay! My football team won! Let's trash our beautiful city and burn and steal everything we can. What? Yes, that is how people are when they become desperate and when doomsday hits, they will be more desperate than ever.


Hiding A Doomsday Garden
General Doomsday Planning

Your garden is where you will need to use some deception. I have watched the TV show Doomsday Preppers and was amazed at the number of people who think they will be able to protect their land from intruders with guns, knives, bows and arrows, bombs, and other violent devices.

This is a fantasy. There will be too many people to fend off with a bow and arrows or a single handgun. You will have to use deception. Before any of this happens, you should plan what you will do, where you will do it, and how you will do it. Being prepared makes all the difference. Do not wait for an emergency to try and buy land or stock food and water. Instead, do it now.

First thing before it hits the fan is to get out of debt. General doomsday planning includes cutting your lifestyle, paying off your bills and saving money to get out of the city. If you can, buy yourself four acres of land outside the city now and get it ready. Land that is only a three day walk if you have to walk to it. Hopefully, land in a mild climate. Land that is not too hot and not too cold.

As far as people being able to get to your location by vehicle, keep in mind that gasoline only has a shelf life of three to six months. Diesel lasts six to twelve months. I know the zombie shows have trucks and cars still driving around years later. But this just will not be true.

If you plan properly, you should have one or even two years worth of food and water already stored in several safe places.

One to two years is all the time it will take for much of the population to die off. It is sad to think of it in these terms, but that is the hard truth.

A safe place is not in a house, in a pantry or in other places you can hide food. If you can think of it, so will others. And a house can always burn down.

Build several underground storage facilities. I would get three of those 40 foot connexes and bury them eight feet underground. You will want to have several in case one or two are discovered and compromised.

I would put two years of food, fuel, water, seeds and books into it. Also flashlights, batteries, toilet paper, paper towels and anything you think you will need to survive and thrive. Tools, generators, solar panel equipment and so on. Beds, bedding, soap, laundry soap, and medical supplies.

In anything, especially your survival, you should never put all of your eggs into one basket.

Camouflage your entrances. Make sure you do not make paths to your shelters. It is best to get into your shelter and stay there for the first year or two.

General doomsday planning includes stocking as many books on all types of subjects that you can. These should include some medical, herbal medicines, solar and wind power, gathering and filtering water and, of course, gardening.

When you garden, you should plant seeds to grow off-colored foods so that if someone happens upon your garden, they will think something is wrong with it and will leave it alone. For instance, a lot of our customers in the Farm Store refuse to purchase carrot seeds that are not orange. This means you should plant red, purple, yellow, or white carrots instead of orange carrots. Plant purple broccoli, purple cauliflower, and red Brussels sprouts, for example.

Our Doomsday Survival Pack is a pack of 24 off-color vegetables that David has put together.

Start your general doomsday planning early. Make a plan. Write it down. Figure out how you will execute your doomsday plan and get it done.

Hiding A Doomsday Garden

My father used to buy gold and silver to prepare for Doomsday. He was a member of a program called The Coin Plan and he tried to convince us to sign up for it. Each month, you buy so many gold and silver coins. We did not join. First, we could not afford it back then. Second, now that we can afford it, we believe Dave Ramsey when he says it is not a good long term investment. While gold is good for end times trading, alcohol would even be better.

Alcohol is good for running your car, antiseptic, anesthesia, getting drunk, trading, and you can use it to make Molotov cocktails for defense. I am not advocating drunkenness here. But I have a feeling that during hard times, a lot of people would trade food and supplies for a bottle of alcohol.

Many of the doomsday movies show vehicles running years later. Gasoline is only good for three to six months. It becomes sluggie (I think I made a new word) and will not ignite anymore. Diesel and kerosene are only good for a about a year.

The point of this page is hiding a doomsday garden so others cannot find it and steal your food. Do not plant your garden on a plot of land that is right next to a major highway and expect folks not to steal your food. They are hungry so they will steal it. All of the stores will have been looted and all of the food will be gone. When they find your garden, it will also be gone so don't let them find it.

In the event that you hide your garden well, let them find food in crazy colors that most people will not even attempt to eat it. Believe me when I tell you that the vast majority of people find the idea of eating a purple carrot disgusting. They come into our Farm Store and tell us that they could never force themselves to even try a carrot that is not orange. Carrots come in lots of colors but the grocery industry has tricked us into thinking the only correct color of a carrot is orange.

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