Growing Doomsday
Asian Greens Seeds

Here are some delicious Asian Greens to enjoy.Here are some delicious Asian Greens to enjoy.

This article gives information on growing doomsday Asian Greens seeds. It is amazing how tiny seeds germinate and grow into food, isn't it? This article gives information on how many Asian Greens plants it would take to provide a daily intake of 1200 calories for one person for one year, assuming this is all you have to eat.

Hopefully, you will have lots of vegetables along with some meats and dairy to eat. In an emergency, Asian Greens will not get you far alone. Just like arugula, Asian Greens make a nice supplement for you to enjoy with other foods.

There are about 20 calories in a cup of greens. This is just like having free calories to munch on. On a 1200 calorie daily diet, this would be 60 cups of greens. It would not be feasible to try to live on 60 cups of Asian Greens per day. Can you imagine having to eat 60 cups a day of any vegetable?

Asian Greens are a wonderful source of a lot of important nutrients such as Vitamins A, K, and C. They also include potassium, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, fiber, and iron.

It would be best to plant a few for variety. You can store them by canning but I do not think they would taste very good. You can sun-dry them. Unless I have half a bottle of salad dressing to drown them in, I tend to stay away from greens. Of course, the best way is to freeze dry them, if you have a freeze dryer. Then they will stay good up to 25 years!

I would just grow a few to eat fresh. But whatever you do, whether it is eating them, drying them, or freeze drying them, do it within 24 hours. After this they will start to wilt and not be as good.

If you are raising rabbits, you can feed any type of green to them. You can also feed them to your chickens and swine if you are lucky enough to have these animals during bad times. 

Horses and cattle will also eat greens but you would have to have a lot for them.

Goats will eat them (and just about anything else). It may be feasible to have a few goats around to breed, eat, milk, or trade. If you have goats, you can have milk and cheese, not to mention meat.

Here in Poteet, Texas doomsday Asian greens seeds can be grown year round except for the hottest part of the season. They do not like the hot temperatures we have here.

Some Asian greens will continue to grow after they have been cut so they will keep producing for a long time.

Don't forget to leave some of them growing to produce seeds so you can grow more later on. Be watchful so the birds don't get them before you have a chance to.

We don't recommend trying to live off greens alone but they do help add flavor. Flavor and fiber are good but you need some more substantial food items to go with the greens.

Growing Doomsday
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