Growing Doomsday Bush Bean Seeds

Now you can learn about Growing Doomsday Bush Bean Seeds from David's Garden Seeds®. This page gives nutrition information, how many beans to plant for eating and how many bean plants to plant for harvesting seeds.

One bush bean plant will produce about 1/2 pound of beans if all goes right.

So 1/4 of a pound of bush beans is about one cup. One cup has about 44 calories. So you would need about 30 cups of green beans per day to live. This is about 8 pounds per day. 

You would need 16 plants per day for one person or 5900 plants per year. This is just for eating. 

Remember, we are just hypothetically speaking here--hopefully you have more than green beans to eat.

One plant will produce about 100 seeds. So you would need to plant 60 plants for next year's seeds and 60 plants as back up.

You would need to plant a total of 6100 plants, let's say 6200 should cover it. 

You can plant about 400 seeds in a raised bed that is 4 x 8 feet for 32 square feet. It would take about ten of these to grow your green beans.

If growing pole beans you can cut the number by 2/3rds. Pole beans will put out more beans since they will produce all season and generally the pods are longer.

I would plant all three colors together. This may make a scavenger think that the green ones are okay but there is something wrong with the purple and yellow beans.

Growing Doomsday Bush Bean Seeds

You would want to stagger your plantings so you are not harvesting all the green beans at once. Hopefully you will have a way to can them and store them. Green beans, whether pole or bush, will last only a day or so if there is no refrigeration.

Bush beans cannot be dried and eaten like dry beans. I guess you could try it, but they would not taste very good. A freeze dryer is the way to go to preserve your green beans. Once you add water, they will reconstitute and be good as new.

If you do not yet have a freeze dryer, save up to try and get one. Then as you learn to garden before there is an emergency, you can start freeze drying the beans and putting them away for the future.

In order to save the bean seeds to plant for the next season, you will need to leave the pod on the vine until it dries completely. A completely dried pod will crack open a bit. This will make sure the seeds are mature and it makes it easier to remove the seeds from the pod.

Beans are easy to grow and easy to preserve. They can be grown in most any type of soil. There are purple and yellow beans that scavengers may think are not any good since they are not green. 

They can be eaten raw, steamed or boiled.

Green beans taste good and are easy to cook. Water and beans are all you need. They can be cooked with a pot on an open camp fire. Doesn't get much easier than this.

You will want to snap the ends off of them before cooking or you can cook with them on and bite them off as you eat them.

You can also can (put in a glass jar) green beans if you have the equipment. See our YouTube channel where I show how to do this. This is done in several segments since at the time I did this there was a time limit. One thing I have learned is you will want to use a wide mouth jar. It is easier to get the beans in there. You will also want a canning plunger to help push the beans tighter into the jar.

The beans that David recommends for planting are the Cherokee Wax for yellow and the Royalty for purple. The purple beans do not have the smooth finish that wax and green have but it looks rough like something is wrong with it. This may discourage scavengers further.

A good all around green bean is the Contender or Blue Lake. These will grow in almost any type of soil or climate condition but they will stop producing when the temperature is below 60. If the temperature is 90 or more they will continue to put out but they will not be any good. Harvest these and give them to the chickens. The plants will die when the temp hits 32° Fahrenheit.

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