Growing Doomsday Carrot Seeds

Let's talk about growing doomsday carrot seeds. I am giving information about how many seeds you need for one person to survive for one year eating carrots only.

Carrots are great in a doomsday scenario due to their versatility.Carrots are great in a doomsday scenario due to their versatility. They also come in a variety of colors, colors that may fool scavengers into thinking there is something wrong with them.

Assuming only 50 calories per cup of carrots and about 3 carrots to a cup means we would need 120 carrots per person per day for a 2,000 calorie diet. 

The numbers I am providing are for one person assuming that all they have to eat are carrots.  Hopefully, they have other things to eat as well.

So one person for one year, eating only carrots on a 2,000 calorie diet would need about 44,000 carrots a year. 

I am sure that there is some disadvantage to this in that we would be getting too much of something.

So you would need about 50,000 carrot seeds a year and 150,000 carrot seeds the first few years to make sure you can grow them. 

Carrots come in a variety of colors. There is the traditional orange carrot, but there are also red, purple, white and yellow. Growing an off-color carrot may prevent a scavenger from stealing your carrots. I know many people who will not eat a carrot that is any other color than orange. They seem to think that carrots are not natural unless they are orange.

They grow relativity close to the ground and the edible part is actually grown in the ground. This makes it harder for a potential scavenger to see them.

As long as the ground does not freeze, they can be planted most anywhere. There are short stubby ones as well as fat long ones. 

Carrots can take as little as 40 days to as many as 80 days to mature. But they can be eaten at most any size.

Carrots will keep for a long time in mild weather. They can also be canned or frozen. Don't forget that they can be dehydrated or freeze dried if you are fortunate enough to have a freeze dryer. Once the carrots are mature, as long as the ground stays fairly dry, they can be left in the ground and pulled as needed.

Carrot Purple 2023Purple carrots are great in a doomsday scenario due to their versatility. The purple carrot may fool scavengers into thinking there is something wrong with them.

If hiding carrots in the ground, make sure you camouflage the area so that it is impossible to tell you have been digging in the ground. Hide them in a tree. Hide them under rocks. Avoid places that other people can think of. If you can think of it, so can the scavengers.

You can also do the double whammy. Dig deep enough to hide a first batch. Then hide a second one on top of this. Once the scavengers find the first cache, they will stop digging.

You will need something to store them in. Glass jar inside of a plastic bag works best.

Carrots, if kept cool and dry, can last for months if not a whole year. You will want to make a map, with copies, of where you are hiding your caches, both food and seeds.

For a purple carrot David recommends the Black Nebula or the Cosmic Purple.

For other colors see Solar Yellow for a yellow carrot and for a white carrot Lunar White

The reason for the off color carrots is scavengers will see them and think there is something wrong with them. You cannot buy purple or yellow carrots in the store. The idea is scavengers will think there is something wrong with them and move on.

For a great orange carrot, David suggests the Tendersweet which is a good all around carrot. He also recommends the Atlas which is a short stubby carrot that can be grown in shallow soil.

All these are available in our store at David's Garden Seeds.

Plant some today. Learn how to grow and harvest your own carrot seeds. Do it today. You can survive.

Hiding 2023Hiding in the ground is one way to protect your seeds and food supply.

Growing Doomsday Carrot Seed

Producing carrot seeds is a bit different for carrots. It takes two years to produce seeds from carrots. If you are in a zone where the soil does not freeze you can just leave the carrot in the ground. Otherwise you will need to pull them up and store them in a cool, dry area. Once the growing season resumes, replant the carrots. The leaves will grow out and turn into carrots seeds. Watch these carefully. You may even need to cover them for the birds will descend upon them.

One they are dried, pull the carrot. You can shake off many of the seeds into a bucket. I will get a video made and post it on YouTube.

Where you store your seeds is important. Practice thirds. Have one third for next year, another third for emergencies and the last third for trading. Follow the instructions above for hiding.

Hopefully you will have more to eat than just carrots.

Keep in mind, that when you have and others do not, they will come for your food and seed supply. You will need to decide before hand just how important your supply is. You will have to pre-answer this question: "Am I willing to kill to keep my supply safe?" You may even want to poison part of the food supply that will be easily found.

Hopefully you will never find yourself in this position.

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