Growing Doomsday Collard Seeds

This is our Growing Doomsday Collard seeds page. It gives instructions on how many collard plants are needed to feed one person for a year, assuming there is nothing else to eat.

When growing Growing Doomsday Collard seeds, keep in mind that there are about 10 calories in one cup of collards. On a 1200 daily calorie diet this would be 120 cups of collards a day. It is not feasible to try to grow (since they get fairly large you may be able to) and eat this many collards in a day.

They can be eaten fresh raw, boiled, canned, dried or stir fried.

They can be dried which means they can be stored and used later.

They can be canned so preparing a few for variety would not hurt.There are many videos on YouTube that talk about canning. After a few years though, you would probably exhaust your canning supplies.

One can grow about 14 in a 4 x 8 foot raised bed. They will also grow in colder weather. Here in the San Antonio area they can be grow year round, except in the summer since it gets too hot and it does not get below 32 degrees for more than a few days at a time very often. Of course 2021 was the exception to the rule. It stayed below nine for days.

They will last about 24 hours without refrigeration. They will start to wilt and lose their crispness. After 48 hours, to be on the safe side, compost them or give them to the animals.

Growing Doomsday Collard Seeds Recommendations

A plant a day is all you would need. That would be about 500 seeds for plants to eat and plants to produce seeds.

Plant 3 to 4 seeds 1/4 inch deep, about 12 inches apart. Collard leaves get very large. You can harvest as needed and the plant will keep growing. As long as the ground can be work collards will grow. Mature plants can handle low temperatures. Young seedlings will die.

Here are the collards David's Garden Seeds® recommends, due to their ease in growing from seed, the following collards: Southern Giant Curled and Morris Heading.

Are collards good for you?

Collards also called collard greens contain Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin K which have anti-inflammatory properties. They also contain antioxidants such as beta carotene, Vitamins C and E and glucosinolates. These ingredients are being studied for their abilities to prevent cancer as well as cardiovascular disease.

It does no good to grow Collards if you cannot protect them. Unlike many other crops, there is no purple collards. They are green,

In order to survive, you must decided that you can survive. Like life, surviving is 80% mental.

The rest is physical. You will need to be in some sort of physical shape.

Once you realize you are in a doomsday situation you will need to fast. A full, no food fast. Fast for as many days as you can. The more days you can fast, the better.

You Can Survive!

As you fast, your stomach shrinks. As it shrinks, the less food you will need to feel full. Once you start eating again, you will need to figure out how much food you have, how long it needs to last and how many people will be eating.

Plan on using some of it to trade.

The idea is to have your food supply last, while you grow and produce your own. Hopefully you have started some things that mature quickly, so you can start supplementing your food supply to make it last longer.

I have seen people who are paying outrageous amounts of money for dried foods. Right now is the time to make you own. Cost a lot less. Use a dehydrator or a flash food drier. You can dry and store a lot of food.

Of course you can use canning to preserve food before doomsday.

You will need to use your imagination to hide or camouflage your garden. The greens will be hard to camouflage unless you just grow plants here and there on your property. Plant some with natural landscape. If scavengers do not know what it looks like, then maybe you will actually get some.

Learn how to hide your harvest. In the ground, air even in water if you have a creek, lake or river.

Practice the 1/3 rule for hiding seeds. 1/3 for current planting, 1/3 for back up and 1/3 for emergencies, scavengers or trading.

When hiding, use a simple plan that you can remember. Try not to write any of it down so scavenger cannot find it.

Hide some so a scavenger can find it, easily but not to easy. Don't lie to them. If you look like you are not starving, they are going to know you are eating. Use some common sense.

You can survive. But you need to be prepared, today.

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